Our ethos is all about ‘Living in Harmony’ and we are very conscious of our duty to help protect the planet that we live on. Living a more sustainable life has become a very important part of our every day lives. To this extent we have undertaken several initiatives towards this goal, including:

  • Solar energy for heating hot water.
  • We are a selected partner with Tesla and have Tesla vehicle and other electronic vehicle charging stations to help contribute to the pursuit of sustainable driving.
  • All electric lightbulbs throughout the property have been changed to LED to reduce energy consumption.
  • Organic vegetable garden using no chemicals or pesticides.
  • Recycling rain-water into our lake for irrigating the lawns and organic veggie garden.
  • Ongoing reduction of single use plastic.
  • Re-cycling glass, paper products and plastic.
  • Use of fair-trade organic coffee with recyclable and compostable capsules.
  • Eco-friendly bathroom amenities not tested on animals, supplied in single use dispensers, not in small plastic disposable bottles.
  • 90% of our food products sourced within 35km radius to support local suppliers and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Use of organic enzymes to breakdown food and human waste in our septic tanks.
  • Ongoing reduction of chlorine based products.
  • Our Yoga Studio is made from upcycled old office containers, cladded with cork from the most “Green” and sustainable trees in the world.
  • CSR: We support a local co-operative using their sustainably produced jams (Alma da Nossa Gente).
  • We educate our employees about eco-friendly behaviour including energy saving and environmental sustainability.
  • We upcycle and recycle many of our pieces of furniture and decorative items.

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