The Dream

Born in Mozambique, Berny Serrão first thought of the southern Alentejo as her “stolen Africa”. The vast open landscapes with rolling hills and clear, unpolluted starry skies. The long hot summer months and wonderful light all year round. It all makes for a magical backdrop for the wild and almost virgin coastline with amazing unspoiled beaches.

The idea to turn their country house into a small tranquil retreat first came to Berny and Glenn in 2008 and since then the couple have been working on this dream. They felt it was important to share their love of nature and their special place in Alentejo that they call ‘Paraiso Escondido’ or ‘Hidden Paradise’.
Their dream became a reality when they opened the doors to the world in November 2014.

It’s the perfect location to slow down, relax and reconnect with the beautiful things that life has to offer. “Here, our guests will find pure nature, delicious food, and great company. Mix this together with enjoyable, inspiring and healthy experiences and our guests have a magical way to become grounded and enriched on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, leaving them feeling re-charged and in a much better place”.

“We believe that Paraiso Escondido offers a gentle, relaxing and enriching experience to return home with. Our inspiration and driving passion is to provide our guests with magical memories that will linger for ever”.

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We are closed for renovations and upgrades. Reopening Easter 2017.